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Wed 01 Oct 2014

Full Time School

The Sylvia Young Theatre School is a specialist performing arts school offering excellent vocational and academic education.


The school was established in 1981 in Drury Lane and in 1983 moved to a former 1880’s church school building in Marylebone. In July 2010, we moved to our new premises in Nutford Place, just off Seymour Place in W1. Our site houses two vocational floors with studios, rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, two academic floors and a large canteen with two courtyard gardens. 

Location and Student Intake

Our central London location, well-served by public transport, allows us to draw students across the south-east and the wider UK.

The Sylvia Young Theatre School is non-denominational and co-educational. Our students range from 10 to 16 years of age. We are a small school of around 250 students and value our ‘family atmosphere'.

Students join our full time school after successfully completing the audition process.

The School Week

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays our students follow their academic programme, building key skills, in addition to working for GCSE examinations in a broad range of subjects.
On Thursdays and Fridays students follow their vocational programme, receiving training in the performing arts (drama, dance and singing) whilst developing their individual performance skills.

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    Contact Us

    Sylvia Young Theatre School
    1 Nutford Place
    W1H 5YZ

    Full Time School - 0207 258 2330
    Part Time School - 0207 723 8543
    Click here to email us.